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data science job in canada vs usa

Hello, I am an international student recently graduated with a bachelors in statistics degree. i am planning to enroll for data science or cs masters program in canada or usa. just wondering how different is data science job opportunities for international students in canada vs usa. which would give me a better chance in landing a job as a recent graduate. Also, advice on choosing a masters program that can help land a job after graduating would be much appriciated (does masters with coop portion help?). Thanks!
sadokyriData Engineer at T-Mobilea year ago
If you want to get an MS, I would highly recommend Georgia Tech’s OMSA (Online MS in Analytics). It’s very affordable (<10k), very flexible (you have 5 years to complete it at your own pace - you can do 1 class per semester and even take gap semesters), and has a very strong curriculum with 3 concentrations you can choose between (business analytics, analytical tools, and computational data analytics). You can check out some of the courses as well on edx if you don’t want to do the full masters. This masters would definitely help build your resume for data science and analytics jobs even if you don’t complete it because one of the main courses (ISYE 6501 Intro to Analytical Modeling) will give you many data science projects and techniques to put on your resume.
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Wow, thats a nice program. Will have to look into it myself. TY



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