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kungfuΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 22 days ago

Offending Manager

Hired to a new job at wrong timing. Team is reassigned to a completely different domain than what I interviewed for; so manager can not assign me with any high visibilty projects. On each 1 on 1, manager always said that there will be plenty of work for me; but for quarters only receive small tasks. Meanwhile new hires with relevant domains already making presentations and praises.

Thinking to do internal transfer without offending my manager. What's the best way to do it and getting clear yes / no? What was your experience handling this situation?
Crossword109Software EngineerΒ 22 days ago
You were bait-and-switched. I had that happen once. I immediately started looking for another job within a week.
KungFuSoftware EngineerΒ 22 days ago
Thank you. What was the red flag in your past experience? One week to make that decision was pretty quick!



Software Engineer