hydraulix in  
DevOps Engineer a year ago

Move to Google?

Current situation: I work at a second tier big tech company - think stripe, square, cloudflare, snowflake kind of place. Have been here 1.5 years. I make pretty good money and really like my team, but am very stressed out. All in person, commute half an hour or so each way, not bad. Hours on the long side. Equity has lost a ton of value over the last year, ~30% lower TC than the original offer. 

Got an offer from Google this week that's ~60k better than what I'm actually making, but only a hair above my original offer at the current place. It would be much more local, too, 5 minutes to or from home. I'm worried about velocity of job changes, since I've only stayed around 18 months at about 3 places now. On the other hand, the increased comp, locality, and brand name recognition could be good long term. 

Wondering if I should stay put for now in a pretty good situation and wait for an interview the next level up at Google, or jump for something that's probably slightly better than what I have now. 
LevelUpFYITechnical Program Manager a year ago
Seems like with Google you’ll get:

1. Higher comp
2. Google brand on your resume
3. Local commute

Those alone seem like good enough reasons to go, and I didn’t sense any indication that you were extremely passionate about what you were building now as a motivator not to leave.

I’d lean towards making the move, but weigh all the factors and make a call. Also, not sure about how stable your current role/company is (layoffs-wise) and if that is a factor.