Sohaib Khan in  
Business Analyst 4 months ago

Transition to Product Management

Hi all , i am working as business analyst / senior ba/ senior consultant with a consulting firm. I have prior background in business intelligence and reporting . 

I am looking to transition from ba / senior ba in to product manager / project manger role. 

My question is i am currently enrolled in masters in business analytics / data science programme but not sure if i have made the right choice , Should i back out and look for may be masters in project management or an mba ? Any thoughts advice would be great ...
madscienceSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
I think an MBA is probably a good general choice if you wanted to have the option to transition to a lot of different types of PM roles, but business analytics and data science have a huge role in tech as well and pays pretty well. What's the thought behind leaving that program?
sobsBusiness Analyst 4 months ago
While doing the programme I thought a lot of similar or better content is available online or with certifications with relatively less cost.