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🚀 August Welcome + Market Update 📊

New August members -- Welcome to the Community!

This is a place to chat about tech, industry trends, and opportunities to advance your career! Please introduce yourself below and tell us how we can help!

The economy continues to struggle as inflation reached a multi-decade high last month. The Federal Reserve has rolled out aggressive monetary policy to try and control the trend as the effects of the Russia/Ukraine war ripple across the global energy supply chain. Earnings from tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Meta missed their targets, but optimism remains high for the remainder of the fiscal year as companies double down on operational efficiency and strategic investments in cloud computing, AI, and more.

Despite the troubling news, many companies are hiring for key roles to take advantage of the new talent flooding the market. Competition for jobs is likely to ramp up a bit because of this, but many smaller companies are taking a leap forward as more leadership roles become available. If you’re out looking for a new job, let us know what you’re looking for in the comments below. If you’re hiring, share any opportunities you have for our community to take a look at!

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jfouNUghc9831Founder a year ago
Hey everyone, new to the community and excited to be here. I'm a founder of a stealth startup in the edtech space. Was a swe at Blackboard for about 4 years before leaving to go off on my own. Right now, just looking to surround myself with talented professionals and learn from you guys. It's just me and my co-founder right now but hopefully that will change in the next year as we build. Thanks for having me!
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