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Technical Program Manager 10 months ago

20-year Navy Veteran, worried all my experience is soft, and can't land a technical role

Hi all,

I have 20 years of leadership experience in the Navy, all in the realm of cyber (both offensive and defensive) - but focused on strategic leadership, engineering management, and program management. I haven't coded for 19 years.

I have interviewed with both Apple and Google, but either was passed over for a more technical candidate, or wasn't a good match for the role (great leadership, but lack of recent technical experience).

Is there a suggested role where I can stay technical (or improve my technical skills), but still values my leadership experience?

Roles I've interviewed for were Cybersecurity consultant, engineering manager, and technical program manager.

tesseractSoftware Engineer 10 months ago
Have you considered any defense tech companies? I feel they’d better value your experience there and also still allow you to be quite technical, though it can largely depend on the project you’re on.