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Product Manager 2 years ago

Recruiter Gaslighting me on Delayed Start Date

Got an offer from unnamed company, told them I was finishing up other interviews and had offers. After talking with HM a week later, decided to take the offer.

However, now it seems the recruiter is gaslighting me and telling me why weren’t you upfront with a start date, etc. They want me to start 3 weeks from now, however, I didn’t even get my background check kicked off yet.

I emailed the hiring manager to let him know if I could start 3 weeks later, telling them I want to take some time off and recharge for the new position as I have not taken a proper week off in a year.

What are people’s thoughts on this? The overall experience of interviewing with this company is great, but it seems the recruiter seems to keep gaslighting me 😭
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KawhiLProduct Manager 2 years ago
I'd try getting on a call with the hiring manager ASAP to explain your situation and finalize the date. I'd just play it nice and polite with the recruiter. Let them know what you had in mind for your start date and explain why. I know its their fault, but you don't want to start your brand new role on a sour note.
19g6vl1p70tbzProduct Manager at T-Mobile2 years ago
Yeah the HM seems pretty chill about it. Still waiting for his response, it seems as if the recruiter is the one giving me a hard time



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