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Product Designer 2 years ago

Advice on getting into a FAANG or equivalent company?

I have 7+ years of experience, but mainly at smaller size companies in the midwest. Currently contracting at Ameriprise.

I'd love to make a run for a larger FAANG company or equivalent; Microsoft, Square, Shopify, etc... I always see/hear all these fresh/college students getting in with no experience. What gives and what am I missing?

I'm 37/M. TOC $80k.

Any tips help! Thanks!
MunkersSolution Architect 2 years ago
Echoing what some others have said, brushing up the resume is a must and referrals are key. It's tough to build the network from the ground up if you don't already have one, but makes a big difference.

Also, there's a dose of luck and timing. I have a friend that started at Microsoft a year ago. He had been applying for 3 years, had loads of experience, a degree and referrals from inside. They ended up calling him out of the blue because his profile matched something they were looking for but it wasn't because of him applying for a referral, he was just in their system.

I'm not sure about other companies but places like Microsoft or CDW have a career site where you can create a profile and apply, but that profile stays around and they'll search it when looking to fill a role. Creating a profile at those places, keeping it up to date and continuing to show interest in jobs helps as well.



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