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Q: What's Google Team Matching Success Rate?

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Successfully passed onsite w/ Google, but during hiring committee, before team matching, I got cut. Three months later, they came back and said, "we changed our minds. We have approval to put you through team matching."

Not impossible, but seems rare to get a "no" then out of the blue 3 months later get a "J/K" come team match. Curious if anyone knows the likelihood of team matching being successful vs failing to find a team match. I know it's not 100% success rate, and lately seems like the fail rate has gone up. Curious if anyone has any data here.

frwanujvProduct Managerย 2 years ago
This actually more common than you think. Up to now, candidates could pass several months of interviews only to fail at the team-matching stage, which itself can take several weeks if candidates are successful. I know they updated some policies for candidates between level three and level seven recently but its still not good for candidates.



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