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Job Applications, Meet AI! The future of Lazy Job Applications

Wired has a great article on AI automated job applications with data versus applying for jobs on your own.

2 computers running LazyApply applied to

1,000 jobs while one job hunter slept.

Out of 5,000 automated applications, the job hunter received 20 interviews. This was the same number of interviews he got manually applying for 300 jobs.

But he saved himself a ton of time not entering the same personal data over and over.

While the AI applications weren't always perfect, I'm certain that the technology will advance quickly to automate quality job matching without cost or time.

This AI Bot Fills Out Job Applications for You While You Sleep

This AI Bot Fills Out Job Applications for You While You Sleep

AI-powered services like LazyApply zip through the grunt work of job applications, helping one programmer apply for 5,000 jobs. But they can make mistakes, and some recruiters scorn the technology.
Nightly95Technical Program Managerย 20 days ago
I get why people feel such a big benefit to using AI and automation to apply for jobs, but I think it does more damage in the long run than it helps. Companies already can't filter through BS job applications to find actual good candidates and flooding openings is just going to make them respond in a worse way for everyone else.