Mousa Mohamed Abdelmaxod in  
Computer Engineering at Cairo Universitya year ago

Any thoughts about master's in visual computing?

I like visuals and interactive devices like virtual reality headset and AR glasses.
But sometimes I read that theses fields may not be the future and I don't know if there is really a market for AR\VR to get into. I'll be happy if anyone has different prospective and share thoughts.
WaigongCainSoftware Engineer a year ago
In my opinion, I truly think the market for AR/VR will really bloom in the next decade or so. I think right now, it’s a market that’s not fully matured. For instance, what Meta has developed is pretty cool but yet the concept hasn’t been truly translated into a proper physical product. I’m looking forward with what Apple’s doing with their AR technology. But yes, I do think that the field is the future but it’s not quite there yet. And also, there are multiple markets for AR/VR, many of these are in startups, but few are in matured companies. The best you’ll see is probably Meta and Apple, with some potential on Microsoft. And also, look at it this way, AR/VR can eventually be integrated into movies. So there is a lot of potential in this field. It’s just going to be difficult to reach the milestone where it’s practical to our daily lives.
mousamaxComputer Engineering at Cairo Universitya year ago
Yess, truly agree with you. Last summer I have developed a VR educational app and I can see a future embrace these technologies and I also know the limitations that's why I find it hard to commit to something that may make it or fail.