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Different Job Titles

My current job title is Operations Leader. I am having trouble figuring out how this title compares to other industry job titles. I was only able to select the job title on here of Program Manager because Operations Leader is not an option. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you. 
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I'm in the same boat! My actual job title is Product Operations Manager, but based on my JD and responsibilities, it lines up more with Program Management, so I chose it here based on that. I imagine they are expanding their job titles as they get more data on different roles. That said, Operations Leader (depending on your responsibilities) probably translates well to tech industry Program Management, Operations Management, etc. What do you do for work?
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That is what I was thinking too, probably translates to Program or Operations Management.

Below are some examples of what I do for work:

I am responsible for customer service and delivery of projects and programs for my areas of responsibility.

I serve as Project Lead or Reviewer for assigned projects. I communicate project status and results to clients and sales through frequent contact.

I am responsible for defining project scope, report review and accuracy, meeting of agreed deadlines, and managing project related activities.

I manage training to support needed capacity and quality of my team.

I act to address client concerns and resolve issues for my local office.

I ensure proper communication and support of the customer needs from my team.

I support sales staff to determine project specifications such as cost, time, and other requirements by analyzing client input, available supplemental data, and other information for my team.

I meet with key customers to understand activities and needs and ensure Leadership Team is aware of the feedback.

I manage a team of staff to their responsibilities and goals. I set goals and provides feedback on achievements through regular communications and Performance Appraisal process for my Engineering Team.

I am responsible for Revenue production for area of responsibility and cost management of my team. Understanding and evaluating costs to produce revenue. Take actions to adjust or manage costs.