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LugiaaCrownedΒ inΒ Β 
2 months ago

Which internship path would be better ?

Nike - Digital Product management

IBM - Client engineering/ Business Technology Leader (Tech Sales)

First year t-15 MBA student recruiting for tech field. Long term goal is work from home for some time after graduation due to family stuff and both companies offer that in the respective roles Product management for a renowned company would be a dream come true however compensation for IBM is 2K more than Nike (just for the internship). Im

Thinking what would

Help me in the long run?

In my opinion i think you can sell product management experience to any company but not sure about the experience in IBM.

Nike's PM Full time would be around 170-180K, was not able to find a salary estimate for this role in IBM.

Would love all your inputs here.

wj8810Product ManagerΒ 2 months ago
take the PM role
madscienceSoftware EngineerΒ 2 months ago
I also vote PM if your goal is WFM and Product Management future. I think a lot of the skills from that internship will transfer for that moreso than the tech sales with ibm.