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Adam Nash, an angel who knows invested in Figma tells a story

I tbink its pretty cool that Dylan had such a pulse on putting design into the cloud. And to have the confidence to pitch the idea about democratizing graphic design.ย
Figma: A Random Walk in Palo Alto

Figma: A Random Walk in Palo Alto

Figma's first conference, Config 2020. On June 25, 2013, Dylan Field, one of my favorite interns from LinkedIn dropped by Wealthfront headquarters in Palo Alto to catch up and get some advice about his new startup, Figma. At the time, I was up to ears with work as the new CEO, trying to sell theโ€ฆ
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"Dylan was not deterred. He explained that the heavy compute was the exact reason why moving to the cloud made sense. By providing high powered machines in the cloud, anyone could get access to an almost arbitrary amount of power without spending $10K, and latency & bandwidth had progressed to the point where shipping the UI bits to the client was a solved problem." Super cool how the idea formulated all the way back in 2013