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Adobe Digital Strategy vs American Express PM

Hi everyone! I am currently recruiting for internships right now. I previously worked at Amazon as a program manager and am studying Political Science and Economics. I currently have an offer for a product management internship with American Express and am in the process for a digital strategy internship role at Adobe (basically internal consulting). I want to ask which would be a better opportunity? I am looking to work in big tech in future either in product management, a product-adjacent role, or maybe anything related to business developement. Is the product role at a non-tech company better or the less product-related, more consulting like role at a big tech the better opportunity? What do you guys think?
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I've worked as a PM in big tech (Meta) and earlier in my career as a PM at Amex.

The (probably unsatisfying) answer is: it depends.

Amex was at the time very focused on using PMs like project managers. Not a lot of strategy or autonomy. In this sense, not great experience.

On the flip side, learning to navigate a complex big company org structure and develop influence is important for success in big tech and Amex will help there.

All of this could have changed since my time there and can differ from team to team so you should research the skills needed at your goal big tech company and ask very careful questions before taking any offer to make sure you will be able to develop those skills. Ask things like: what will my day to day be like? What goals will I be expected to hit? How will that be measured? Who else is on the team? How will I be working with them?

Ask the hiring manager things Iike: How do you develop junior PMs into more senior ones? Ask for specific examples. Make sure they have done it more than once.

Best of luck! Hope this helps.
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Thank you! This helps a lot, you brought up many great points. I think all the goal-oriented questions are great points. I will definitely ask my hiring recruiter if their goals with the interns align with my own. Would love to connect if you have the time as well :)



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