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Product ManagerΒ 10 months ago

Product Director at Toptal

Hi All,

Got a ping from their HR. Any idea what to expect and how is the interview like?
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Yup, it's about 7 interviews and they are very clear on the expectations for each one before you start the interview. They'll give you some homework to do before the interview, ex. product sense and here's some documentation on how that works. I'd really recommend taking it seriously and investing about an hr before each interview to run through the topic and come prepared. Overall, really great interview process. Very transparent. Might be worthwhile to contact some former product employees if you can. I heard that the ceo is pretty tough to work with.
19g616l0l4ovvxProduct ManagerΒ 10 months ago
Thanks a lot for your response. Will try and follow the steps..



Product Manager