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Financial Analystย 2 years ago

More ideas on relocation?

Do you think more people are going to leave the country or just find new places to live with all the crazy stuff happening in the US govt? I see a lot of big tech companies offering relocation assiatnce for heqth services but im wondering if this is going to accelerate the remote workforce discussion just to keep workers happy.

The other thread about moving from thr bay was helpful. The southeast looks promising but im seeing more people talk about just moving to canada, mexico, or the eu. ย ย 

Median apartment rents in New York City just hit $4,000 for the first time and houses in yhe burbs are going for 5-20k CASH over asking proce in some areas ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Banquet273Web Developerย 2 years ago
Every place has it's pros and cons. I'm an expat who lives in Portugal atm. Was a great decision for ME. I always tell people who want to leave the US to make a list of things imporant to you so when you actually meet people who are abroad, you can have pointed conversations that matter. 1. family situation? 2. expenses? 3. quality of life or lifestyle you want to live? 4. hobbies you enjoy? 5. work/skills? 4.