Tak in  
Solution Architect 2 years ago

Solution Architect vs Software Engineer - Career Advice

I have been a Azure Cloud engineer for a year now and was a DevOps Engineer in financial industry for around 3.5 years.
I have only done shell scripting and IAAC deployments using Terraform, Jenkins, GIT and supported pipelines but never got involved in deep level backend stuff and honestly I don’t like doing the intense backend stuff coding (Application level)

Now I am considering to get a role in Faang but I am quite confused on which role to pursue as I am not confortable in doing hardcore development. Important thing to note is that I did around 4 cloud certs in last year and I really enjoyed the architecture/design part of the material in these certs. If I follow this route then Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) can be one option but I have no experience for this role.

Do you guys think I can survive in a Faang company as SWE with no backend experience and no interest too. Should I take the Solution Architect route and ditch Engineering?

Will really appreciate your advice. Thank you
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
I don't think you will survive any position if you aren't interested in it. You have to look inside yourself and determine what you enjoy and where you don't wake up and dreading to go to work.
TakSolution Architect 2 years ago
Very true. Thanks