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Business Analyst 2 years ago

Amazon Salary Negotiation?

Hey Everyone! Got an offer for an L6 Program Manager role at Amazon for about $190k/yr. Any thoughts on how much I can push this? Location is NY. Ask for 20% and settle for 10%? Or should I push higher? All thoughts are welcome.

Base: $157k

Bonus: $30k, 22k

RSU: $80k

19g616l0x895yaUX Designer 2 years ago
Former Amazonian here, its really hard to say because they’ve completely changed the comp scheme to compete vs other Fangs, it used to be that $160k was the top salary at any level with the bulk of comp in signing bonus and RSUs. That changed, and its a pit of the wild west. L6 PM is the starting level for most in that job family, and I wouldn’t expect much more, maybe $205K-$210k? The smart money counters on signing bonus and RSUs. Until recently (not sure if its changed) the signing bonus is paid out monthly (Yes, 1 check a month/confirm that though), and the TC should be around $250-300-ish for the first couple of years. The days of doubling the stock every year are probably gone, and its a long vest. Also consider that vest is weighted on the back end because they know the average tenure is maybe 24-36 months - most ppl don’t fully vest. If you don’t think you’re going the distance at 5 years, negotiate more on the bonus. The real value is the name on the resume and the experience at that scale - it opens a lot of doors. As a PM, learn to love writing PRFAQs, it will bring clarity to your thinking, and its highly sought after.