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Interview with Google and Bloomberg

Hello guys,
I have a software engineer interviews with Bloomberg and Google.A google recruiter reached out to me.She asked me to complete a form and send it back to her.With the phone screen,please what are the questions that i need to expect ?And any idea on bloomberg too?
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A couple of tips from my past Google interviews: - DO NOT start writing code immediately after being told to write a program. Think the problem through first, and SAY OUT LOUD what you are about to do, then do it. Most interviewers will tell you if you are going in the completely in the wrong direction so you won’t waste 20 minutes of your time. If you're silent the whole time and they are stuck there watching you fail, well... there's no hope LOL - Don't be shy. Ask questions and call your recruiter if you don’t hear from them in a week or two. I have seen that recruiters are not responding much right now but still make the attempt to connect if they took the time to interview. - Ask questions if something is not clear during an interview. If you are not sure what a question is about, or what they meant, ask for clarification immediately. - Make your CV/Resume short and sweet. We do look at them, but only if they are short. TWO PAGES MAX. If you list what you are proficient at, they will ask you about that. - Unless its coding specific, do not waste precious space with random jobs and extracurriculars. No one cares about you working at the dining hall. - This should go without saying but dont be a jerk. Be pleasant, confident, and humble. There are way too many stories about pretentious and over confident wannabe swe's and I dont think you want to be one of them. Respond to emails kindly, even if rejected. You can apply to Google as many times as it takes. Good luck mate!



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