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What Salary Should I Negotiate For?

I was a software engineer for 5 years and a year ago, moved over to being a product manager. In that time, I lead a team to deliver two new key products (the team is composed of about 5 engineers and 2 QA). When I was promoted/moved to product management, I received a $30K raise to go from $90K base to $120K base. My annual bonus last year was about $15K. I'm coming up on my annual review (mine are in the middle of the year as opposed to the end of the year) and I'm curious what raise I should try and negotiate for?

I've been doing my homework and was considering asking for a title change to Senior Product Manager as I think my experience as a software engineer is more than applicable. With that, I was thinking of targeting another $30K raise (so base would be $150K). Do you think that's too high, just right, or not enough? Curious what the community thinks. Thank you in advance!

For reference:

  • I don't directly manage anyone (just oversee product teams but they individually report to managers)
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What's your current total comp? That'll be key to evaluate the best number. Typically, it's usually easiest to negotiate the total comp number and let any internal HR/comp teams move the sliders with base and stuff to move around.
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Good point. Here is a break down since I sometimes am confused with what criteria is actually factored in: - $120K Base - ~$15K Annual bonus - 8% company retirement match (fully vested upon deposit too) - Fully paid for Health Insurance (~$6K annual cost) - I was given equity upon my start years ago (about 0.33%) but currently don't have any kind of plan to obtain more as compensation