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Software Engineer 2 years ago

SDET to Data science

I am currently an SDET working with python. I want to move to data science track. Could you help me recommend how to go about it in terms of learning concepts and preparing to interview doe DS roles 

skrrtData Scientist 2 years ago
could go into a lot of detail here but first question is do you know what kind of data science you want to move to? generally DS in industry are either more focused on building models/algorithms in production code or more into product analytics to help companies and teams make decisions. At a lot of companies the two roles will both be called data science but will have different interview focuses. any specific interest between the two?
19g6vl1p8hckoSoftware Engineer at Apple2 years ago
Thanks for clarifying about the role. I guess it will be easier to start with the latter for me given the SDET background



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