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Is it okay to switch jobs a year or so into my first job in tech?

I started my first job in tech some 10 months ago, I work as a data scientist. I have liked this role for the most part - mostly I've enjoyed working with PMs to develop products, i have already built some excellent relationships with people across the company. 

The problem is - i don't think my team is a good fit for me. They are too focused on mathematical intricacies and don't care about or have an understanding of broader product needs. While i maintain a good relationship with my manager, i can see our interests diverging over time. We've had several conversations about priorities and there is consistently a disconnect between what we consider valuable contributions. Also - we don't have a CTO right now, so the team is lacking direction.

Question - I'm considering getting back on the job market and finding something new within the next 6 months. Given that this is my first job in tech, would leaving around the 1 year mark be okay in the broader context? 

If it matters - my background is in engineering - i have a phd and did a post doc for a couple of years. 
Other recruiters might have different viewpoints, but in my opinion, I think the idea of 'jumping jobs' too much is a dying mindset. I, personally, do not hold anyone negatively for having a few jobs of just a year or two years or whatever. If a candidate has been getting fired year after year at new companies, it'll be really obvious once I talk to them. But otherwise, I've talked with so many candidates who came into a company, built a tool/process/product, and then left once their project was done to find something else new and most of the hiring managers I've worked with have no issue with that