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Software EngineerΒ 2 months ago

Breaking into Software Engineering Management

How does one shift from software engineering into software engineering management? Does one generally apply into a management job requisition without having been a manager before, or does one get essentially "appointed" by his/her current manager?

Also, what is the typical SWE->Management candidate profile? I'm wondering about factors like years of experience, leadership, personality, relationships with company senior management, credentials/degrees, etc. And interestingly, I only see managers who have over a decade of experience in my company's division, but I know some people from school who were given the management at ~1-2yoe (one in particular works at Meta which I would expect to require much more experience).

I have 4-5 years of experience as a SWE and lead a team of 4 people (fluctuates up to 7 people in crunch time) who are all Level 2 + Senior level, making the final decisions about team strategy and being the point of contact with outside stakeholders and management.