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Passed Google phone interview, didn't get a follow-up

They said they had good new and bad news. "You did well on the interview, congrats! That being said, we have unfortunately seen some shifts in our hiring needs and will not be moving forward with your application at this time."

Then I was invited to apply for other roles and join "Connect with Google".

I've wanted a job here for years. What should I do next? Coursera courses? Go get my masters? Keep applying for different roles? Feeling kinda burned out after working for years to get my degree, hoping and working to get a FAANG job, now it's the age of austerity for big tech...

madscienceSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Usually, the positive interview outcome with Google is good for a certain amount of time (like 6 months to a year?), so if another team does have an opening, you wouldn't have to do the entire interview process again within that timeline. That's what your recruiter likely means by applying for other roles and joining that group. They also usually keep the info in your candidate profile, so any hiring teams down the road will see that you had passed a previous interview, so that may increase your chances of being seen in the future. I know it doesn't seem like good news, considering you didn't actually get the job, but I would still consider it positively.



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