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Backend Software Engineer 2 years ago

Think the “one git commit a week maybe” era for tech is over?

Even companies like Google are hammering down on employee productivity now given folks have been coasting and collecting a monthly check over the last decade. I think that the chillax and "working hard is optional" type culture is going to go away. Now its all about delivering product and profits.

I feel like these big companies' hard stances set a precedent. All for it, since it trims out all the people who aren't willing to work hard and do what it takes to actually contribute to the success of a business. Think it's going to weed these people out, or do you think this will manifest elsewhere in the tech industry and the good times, bad times cycle will continue.
tentativelySoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I think it's over for some of these companies, but generally it will always live on through the cycles of good times / bad times. Not necessarily going to be at the same companies as time progresses, but it will exist somewhere and that complacency is what creates room for new startups