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Job Hopping Dilema

Hi everyone, I need some advice on job hopping. I'm a software engineer at Indonesia, currently having 1.5 years of experience. I feel my career and income are stagnant throughout those years, so I figure to try job hopping. My main goal is to get a job outside my country preferably SG (Singapore), some reasons include better paying and learning opportunities, in general for a better long-term career Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any interviews from any Tech Company in SG, I mainly try to use referrals from my connections, but I also tried applying here and there, but still no luck After some thoughts, I wanted to try job hopping to some local companies since it's easier and maybe good for a better pay and learning opportunity But I'm afraid that when I switch at a local company, then I might need to stay in the company for at least a year and if I do have an offer from SG Company later on, I'll be starting with a "entry" salary in SG since it's hard to compare/negotiate from local company to an outside company As opposed to getting to SG directly and working up from there, this is probably the main route, but it's definitely a harder route So some critical questions I wanted to ask: - Should I try focusing on getting to SG directly? or should I just switch to a local company? - Is it possible to negotiate a higher salary from different country, i.e. negotiate based on years of experience and not based on where we at right now? Any opinions are greatly appreciated, I hope some people might also relate to this dilema
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Hello from Singapore. I’d suggest focusing on switching locally. The job market is very tough now. Even as a Singaporean here, I’m not getting any response back from companies. As you work locally with better pay, when the market picks back up you’ll be in a better position to negotiate the salary.



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