cNGxOaN5cCcycVHYmL in  
Software Engineer a year ago

Weird vibes?

Near the beginning of the interview i told my interviewer that i appreciated the informal and friendly format, I was told to keep my comemnts about the interview style until the end. Could have said "thanks". Is this rude/normal thing to say? Is it something worth mentioning to the recruiter?
tornbtwnSoftware Engineer a year ago
Definitely seems off putting, but might just be a personality thing where they’re just awkward about compliments or didn’t really know how to react. Also maybe it’s supposed to be more formal and you essentially pointed out they might be letting their biases get in the way. Did they say anything afterwards?
cNGxOaN5cCcycVHYmLSoftware Engineer a year ago
It never came up again, I also just intended it as a comment in passing. It definitely was off putting, I was a bit taken aback but shrugged it off. It could be a personality thing for sure, although the interviewer was well spoken, I imagine they'd know how to handle that simple situation. :shrug:



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