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Data Science at Technische Universität Münchena year ago

Data Science Master Thesis - Advice on topic

I am about to graduate from my mathematics masters degree with focus on data science and as a final project I have to write a thesis for 6 months. We are more or less free to choose a topic for that, I just need to find an appropriate advisor from the university.

However, I feel so overwhelmed by the possible areas I could write, so I wanted to ask this community for advice as I would also like to learn something and use that thesis as a good entry for my career as well. Do you see any topic which might be high demand right now?

Thanks for your support!

TechEconResearch Scientist at Amazona year ago
Applications of Double Machine Learning (DML) models are in particularly high demand given scalability in industry

Another area that will likely grow is text as data NLP coupled with ML to detect patterns
8880888Machine Learning Engineer a year ago
NLP is already booming. There are a ton of jobs and definitely many entry level masters and PhD roles. A lot of recruiters reach out to me about chatbot work and other nlp like building NLP tools for reading long documents. I have NLP experience but it’s very limited and It’s not my fav niche but if it was my fav niche then it would be very convenient with with all these NLP jobs out there



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