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Thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg stepping down as COO?

Do you think this was an abrupt, recent decision or was it a long time coming and theyre just publicly making the announcement now? Either way seems like a major blow for Mark.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg stepping down

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg stepping down

Meta Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down after 14 years with the company, she announced Wednesday.  She will continue to serve on the company’s board of directors. “When I…

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Regardless of your opinion of her, her business decisions, etc, this is 100% true. I tend to look at the whole glass and appreciate if it's half full or half empty. Both things can be true, you dont have to pick one or the other: " ...more than three billion people use our products to keep in touch and share their experiences. More than 200 million businesses use them to create virtual storefronts, communicate with customers, and grow. Billions of dollars have been raised for causes people believe in. Behind each of these statistics is a story. Friends who would have lost touch but didn't. Families that stayed in contact despite being separated by oceans. Communities that have rallied together. Entrepreneurial people – especially women and others who have faced obstacles and discrimination – who have turned their ideas into successful businesses." I know a lot of people think Facebook ruined the world and that Mark and his team are greedy, etc. etc. But if I take a step back to think about the impact Facebook has had on me and the world I experience, it's been a game changer for sure and they made history. Hopefully they have and will continue to learn lessons about what it means to be a responsible tech professional. You can't build things without factoring in the lives of the people who use your services. And when there are adverse effects, take ownership and responsibility to make it right by the community.