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Early Career Engineer looking for advice

Hey all,

I’m an early career engineer at recently IPO’d, well known company (same tier as Stripe, Lyft). I really enjoyed my time here so far, but team politics (half our team left/fired, more leaving) and lack of growth opportunities are indicating that I should move out.

I have a few good, high profile projects to show for, but I’m at 1yr of experience. I’m wondering if I should wait to hit 2 years or start recruiting now? And at what point can I be considered for Senior positions? Was hoping to target FAANG or companies at Stripe Tier

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Depends on positioning, you may be able to enter into a senior role if you had meaningful enough scope of work at your old company. It's extremely difficult at just 1 year of experience though. Also, a bit of a hot take, but its favorable to come in at a mid-level role and do well enough to go on to a senior role. Versus getting placed at a higher level with expectations that don't match reality. Tough spot. You can always move scope up as you need, but it's hard to move scope down without getting bad reviews or let go.
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This is what I’m thinking too. I’m still early career and I want the flexibility to learn and make some mistakes, hence wondering if it’s better to leave at 1 year mark and shoot for mid-level. Experience - you can see comment below for details - but I have executed several high profile projects (cross team, C-level notice) that critically affected our entire customer base. Also have begun mentoring others and helping them ramp up.



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