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Why Do Some Execs and Managers Dislike WFH?

Goldman Sachs CEO and Elon Musk strongly disdain working from home. If your job requires to be on-site, then you go to the job (e.g. car mechanic), but if you can do the same work done at home -- then who gives a ####!

If you want me to come to the office, then I will most likely be less productive than at home.
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It's definitely a control freak thing. Some industrial age psychology that says, if you're not spending your time the way I want you to, I'm not going to pay you. It's abusive tbh. I agree. I come to work to complete assignments and those assignments bring value. What I'm paid is what I'm owed. Companies who don't value my autonomy and my time don't deserve my skills. WFH is a dream come true.
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What do you think about building relationships with colleagues at work? Via remote job its very hard to do that and the entire work relationship seems very mechanical in nature.



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