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Solution Architect 2 years ago

TC for L5 Solution architect in Europe

Hi, I am joining Databricks as a solution architect (L5) next month in Europe. Databricks offered me 100k base + 12k bonus + 75k as RSUs. I have a feeling they slightly low bowled me, especially after checking levels fyi (ps: I did use the negotiation service, did not help me to improve my TC). Nevertheless I am happy to join them as I am a huge fan of Databricks and I love the role. But I was wondering if there is anyone here who could provide me with a representative range for the same role in European market as there are not enough data points about European market in levels. 
19g6wl3vmbi2rSolution Architect 2 years ago
Sounds low but good you are content with it. That’s what matters the most.



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