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Salesforce Lead Software Engineer (Tentative/Rejection)

Applied last year 2021 in October and received call in Feb 2022 from HR, no communication or status updates to the application.

In total 7 rounds:

1) HR round : talked about current position and compatibility with SF requirements.

2) Hacker rank online assessment with 90 mins time limit: related to system design limiter which deploys in API Gateway or LB to prevent DDOS and bot requests. (Weird problem to code and write test cases your own and run, not sure the purpose but later problem was discussed in round 6)

[Passed positive]

3) Team manager : discussion about current project in detail and few team situations, behavioral questionnaires and few commonly asked Java related questionnaires. [Passed positive]

4) 2 Team member with Team Manager: discussion related to situations and convincing management for few situations, approaches to production issues or critical tasks, technical backlogs, junior team members technical skill set standards and code review approaches and good practices to code clean. [Passed positive]

5) Lead SE: Round specific to understanding of System design and technologies familiarity where Design ATM end to end including minimum devices required and maintain states and update based on use cases then data model for DB tables and transaction management in the backend. [Passed positive]

6) Lead SE: Discussion about Hackerrank problem and high level explained and design the system but lead himself was confused about the problem and want to run the implementation of system design and he was himself not aware what that RL does lol. It is funny sometimes lead level engineers are confused them self to act smarter in front of management. Well I didn't mind because I have huge experience dealing with such engineers with superior complex so wrote small program which will perform similar logic does in RL but he was still lost. Lol [Failed, u knw the issue]

7) Lead SE: Discussion related to real time problems like how to narrow down issue in ecosystem, how to trace messages in ecosystem or retail application integration with circuit breaker. Then discussed Javascript questionnaires which was unexpected. Then 2 Java coding questions: related to overlapping and min sum, find pair to min sum. Lasted for 1.5hrs. [Passed positive]

HR team was nice and stayed in contact and every interviewer nice as well, no attitude issue. HR informed couple of interviews are in progress with other candidate and decision will be taken by next week. Interestingly, team manager didn't hire anyone external but filed position with the internal candidate and ignore everyone went throw all lengthy process.But manager end up filing up the position from internal portal.

HR called me and sadly shared the news and said he will try to get me to another team. I smiled and said thank you for your assistance and help me through this process and appreciate it.

No communication from him after that call, Lol.

All you guys reading this experience smart enough to understand the image of Salesforce.

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yo appreciate the detailed post and interview feedback - super helpful! Sucks that you had such a terrible experience though.



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