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Software Engineer 2 years ago

About to be PIP need advice

For various reasons, all of which are dumb I'm being setup to fail at my current company. I get the most difficult work, get no support, have to work with the most difficult teams, then my manager is unhappy with how quickly I get work done.

I've accepted that sooner or later I will be pushed out, the company is nothing amazing, tc is meh, what I'm wondering is what is the proceess. I believe im a few months from being put on a PIP, after that I'm not sure what happens. I'm planning to just grind LC, brush up on my system design then find a better job. Any advice welcome'd.

Edit: Forgot to mention I got a sign on bonus when I joined, and can't leave till October. Also I have a british passport so don't have any risks of having to leave the country for now.

TC: £100k

YOE: 10

undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
If you're not H1B, definitely sharpen up your resume and start interviewing elsewhere and getting your applications in. In terms of navigating the PIP itself, talk to your manager and ask for a bulleted list of clear expectations and improvements that you need to demonstrate. And simple put the effort in to hit those targets and (over)communicate them back to your manager. A lot of the time performance related issues is just a lack of visibility – you really do have to sell and market yourself.
19g616l14gq004Software Engineer 2 years ago
Thats actually some great advice thanks. I'm hoenstly raised to never brag so I can see how at times my work might not be as valued, something I need to work on for sure. I think the issue is also greater then that, my work is very important, across the company people recongise it, and because of curcumstances I almost always do it alone. Honestly think my boss just dislikes me, never had anything like this before. Thanks again, I will work on making sure I'm more visible and sell my work better.



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