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Data Scientistย a year ago

Title to use

Hi all,

I am a PhD student, soon to start a new role at a software company. The internal title for my position is "Research Scientist", but they used "Computational Behavioral Scientist" title in the job post.

I think research scientist is more general and emphasize the research component of the role. Yet, I think the other title tells more about the domain I will work in.

Which title should I used in my CV/public profiles?

data35Data Scientistย a year ago
Use whichever you think is more relevant to the job you apply for. Chances are they won't even know the title discrepancy when they run the background check. If they do notice it and ask you, then you can easily explain the confusion
mkc95Data Scientistย a year ago
Thanks! I think it makes sense to just use research scientist and then add the description of the role like others pointed out.

I had not even thought about background check discrepancies ๐Ÿ˜…