Software Quality Analyst a year ago

Does prestige matter for High Frequency Trading jobs

Is it really important for a student to be in top 10 schools to land a job at Hudson, DE Shaw or Tier 2/Tier 3 firms? I am applying for grad school and want to work at HFT , I am applying for grad school and want to know the reality 
Gf842nbyvtcCSoftware Engineer a year ago
I think skills matter more than prestige. At HRT we value hardcore programming skills and/or math skills over any particular experience or knowledge of finance or your school. I've heard that other firms prefer a blend but thats expected. I've heard that people with more traditional finance backgrounds to prefer other firms. If you can, look up who the top managers in the firm you're interested in are and what their backgrounds are. Check out their schools and previous experiences and try to find the ones that match your situation.
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst a year ago
I looked HRT employees on linkedin for 2 years and it seems people barely last 2 years and that majority are new grads. Can most people not make the cut more than 2 years or most people get rich after 2 years and want to leave?



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