Philippe kabenla in  
Data Analyst a year ago

Data science/data analytics /data engineering

Hello guys, I recently graduated from a master of science in data science transition from a mechanical engineering field. I am looking for an opportunity in the data field. So if anyone knows anything about hiring opportunities in that area, it'll be a grear help.
paradoxxxxSecurity Software Engineer a year ago
I'll keep my eyes open for any opportunities that might be a fit for you, let me know if there is any specific area or company you would like me to look into. Also, sharing this referral site for an added resource to your job hunt: Refermarket - offers job referrals to companies that are still hiring. The platform is free, has many active referrers, and can optimize your chances of landing an interview as they match you to the most optimal person to put the referral in.
Philippek18Data Analyst 10 months ago
Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM are my top 3 companies I am looking into, but if there’s any company hiring in my field, I’ll be glad to seize that opportunity as well.
Thank you