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Full Stackย 3 months ago

Am i on right path? Will i get a job?

I know HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and i'm learning React.js, typescript, tailwind css ,node.js and mongo DB after this i will start learning Redux, Next.js, express.js and graph Ql etc.

jk206Full Stackย 3 months ago
You're absolutely on the right track if you're targeting junior or mid-junior frontend engineer. However, even for those positions, you might need to know a bit more, such as: - What's the difference between SPA and SSR? Advantages and disadvantages of both? - What are some of the ways to hide an HTML element? What are the pros and cons of each approach? (You should be able to think of at least 5). - What are some accessibility considerations to make when making a web page? - What is Babel? - How does React's reactivity work? How does Vue's reactivity work?
legdayenjoyerFull Stackย 3 months ago
Thank you for the guidance.



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