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How to maintain the balance between code quality and consistent feature delivery?

I’m curious to understand other people’s perspectives on this one.

How do you maintain a healthy balance?

How do you decide when it’s important to shift focus?

"Good code is like a love letter to the next developer who maintains it."

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cskeapiekacngSoftware Engineering Manager  
If I understand your question, you want to know "how to maintain balance between consistent feature delivery and code quality"?

The only way I know how is to plan code quality improvements the same way features are planned and put the code quality topics into the feature roadmap in such a way that product manager is very happy to buy in. If the code quality improvements are not planned and prioritized, they don't happen. Also, only make code quality improvements that clearly improve the product and customer experience, otherwise you risk getting out of balance by creating amazing code that brings no value to customers.

How do you generate code quality items for the roadmap? 1. Encourage devs to spot the messy parts and define tasks that will be embedded into upcoming sprints/epics.
2. Leverage the impact of bugs and incidents on development time, customer experience as evidence that code quality needs some love.
Pie673Software Engineer  
Great answer 👍🏻