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Offer to pursue Masters in CS at University of Sydney for 22k AUD(~14k USD) per semester as an international student

Hi all!
So as the title suggests, I have been offered to pursue MCS at USyd for 2 years at 22k AUD per semester. Now I have a DS job in a healthcare company (part of Elevence Health subsidiary) but the work has been stagnant for the past few months. I have been at this company after I graduated college for about 9 months and would leave after 3 months to pursue this program.
The thing is there are several factors that is making me doubt this decision and would love to hear advice/opinions on the same!
1. Leaving a comfort job to pursue masters vs self learning to build projects and new tech stack on my own while getting paid : I could defer the offer to study next year february intake and would give me a lot more time to build my portfolio.
2. Job prospects in Sydney, Australia for software engineers I still dont have concrete evidence over.

Would love any feedback/tips on how to move forward, thank youuuu !
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As someone graduating with their masters in CS tomorrow... I would not recommend getting one unless you have a specific goal in mind or your employer is paying for it. I wish I had gotten my degree in a different field. My masters hasn't helped me do my job better and hasn't really opened the door to other jobs, both internal or external.
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Also to add, my employer has paid for my degree. If I had paid for it myself, and/or left my job to do it, I'd have paid over 20k and not had much to show for it.