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Security Analystย a year ago

Is it really worst time to pursue masters in US with goal of landing a PM role?


I am in process to apply for masters in USA as an international candidate. I have struggled throughout life to reach to a level of financial stability where I can think of pursuing my dream of doing masters in USA followed by working there. But as all of you know the job market right now is really bad. Does it makes sense to apply to masters abroad by taking 80k USD in loan?

cyborgProduct Managerย a year ago
Would you mind elaborating on your actual goal and where you are now? Is your goal to end up as a PM? Is it to get a Master's degree? Does it really need to be from the US? Is it to just leave the country you are in? (I've got family for example who needed to leave where they were due to safety concerns). 80k isn't trivial and it would be good be really clear about your goal and clear also about the paths to get to that goal. I'll try to write more if/when you respond.
polololSecurityย a year ago
Hi Cyborg, sorry for the late response I am currently a senior security engineer with 8 years of experience. I don't see myself continuing in security because it doesn't help me in my long term goal to pursue entrepreneurship. Hence I wanted to switch to PM in order to get exposure to actually seeing the products get built There are 2 main reasons why I am applying to MS in US 1. US is tech hub with lots of opportunities. I think I will really get good exposure and network in variety of industries 2. Money - If I have to pursue entrepreneurship say in next 10 years, then I need good safety net. And US is the only place where the salaries are highest in tech. So basically goal is get exposure, build network and save money then come back to home country (targeting 8 years after MS) and then pursue entrepreneurship



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