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Security AnalystΒ 10 days ago

Is it really worst time to pursue masters in US with goal of landing a PM role?


I am in process to apply for masters in USA as an international candidate. I have struggled throughout life to reach to a level of financial stability where I can think of pursuing my dream of doing masters in USA followed by working there. But as all of you know the job market right now is really bad. Does it makes sense to apply to masters abroad by taking 80k USD in loan?

RoundUp1Product ManagerΒ 10 days ago
That's a tough situation for sure, the job market is super competitive right now, but it could be leveled out by the time you finish your masters. In any case, it could still be a worthwhile investment, plenty of masters-level opportunities should be out there.
polololSecurity AnalystΒ 9 days ago
Thanks for the reply. yeah I am counting on market getting back to normal within a year or so. I'll be graduating in Dec 2024. The reason am asking this is because I absolutely CANNOT afford to not get a job because I won't be able to pay my loans in 30 years if I come back to my home country



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