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How do lend money from my company

Hi all, I am a full stack developer and i work remotely, I just got admission to a university outside of my country and in which i need visa processing and other related stuff, and i am thinking of lending money from my company for the visa processing and for other things related

My plan is to ask the HR to lend me a certain amount and then remove from it from subsequent salaries.

Please how do I go about it and will my plan work out and if i ask a certain amount that's a little bit more than my montly salary is it possible I'm granted?
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Impossible, if your company offers some lending benefits like personal credits or something you can ask for that or maybe ask your manager, I am sure he will provide you a better answer than us as he have more context of your benefits in the company.
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Yeah you’re right, I’ve asked my hr but she said my company does not offer it yet