Product Manager 2 years ago

Amazon - Looking for a team with L5 PM-T/PM opening


I recently "cleared" loop interviews, and the team deemed me fit for an L5 position instead of an L6. The team I interviewed with absolutely needs L6. Please let me know if any team at Amazon is looking for an L5 PM/PM-T. I worked very hard to get here and am hoping to push this over the finish line. I highly appreciate your help!

19g616l0mflctoProduct Manager 2 years ago
They do that all the time. People from the outside don’t know how tough it is to be an L6 at Amazon. You will need time to learn how to be an Amazonian. You have to learn the culture and the job. In order to be an L6 there is a ton of responsibility from a product and administrative side. Take the L5 and prove yourself and you will get to an L6 especially if you have a good manager.
PMTECHProduct Manager 2 years ago
I have no problems taking the L5, I'm willing to earn my way up to L6. I'm looking for a team that has an L5 opening.



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