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Is my equity low?

I recently started a new job as a software engineer doing cloud, data eng, and api dev work. It's a series A startup in LA area but I work remote from lower cost of living. With 2 yrs experience plus a CS degree, I negotiated for 140k salary plus equity. They gave me stock options worth about 0.125%, vesting over 4 years. I should have done more research before, but recently I noticed in some articles saying series A should have given more like 0.2-0.3%. Is that true? If so, any way to remedy this? If I do well for a year or so, I can get promoted, could I ask for a bigger than normal refresher to compensate? Or, is this set in stone and the only thing I can do change companies? 
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Thats a good q actually. Not sure if equity is negotiable but I'm a fan on cash in hand, especially if you're not sure you're going to be there long term. Equity is more of a retainer tool than actual realized value
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Thanks for the reply! That makes sense. Do you think then the cash comp makes sense? I know the comp is less than bigger places. Is there a way on levels to see median salary/salary distribution filtered by location, and YOE. I could find by job title but it included all locations and YoE.