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Little experience and still figuring it out

Presently a university grad and switching majors from Electronics Engg to CS related majors. I did a summer internship around SQL scripting and barely understood Systems...not much guidance in the role. I have 1-2 year exp in IT service management and handling trouble tickets. Some more experience with manual web scraping for a little more than a year.

I am not against a career in Tech and have half a year to graduate. I do well as long as there is initial hand-holding in coding roles. But don't prefer coding a lot and previous roles in Tech did not give much guidance either and I did not have to code much.

Thinking of a proper career transition which will help save my tech career in the time I have. Any advice is appreciated.
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Being a new grad in tech can be tough because there's so much imposter syndrome, so it's not surprising to hear you like a little bit of initial handholding. There's plenty of tech-related careers that aren't coding specific as well. Take a look into product management, program management, business or data analytics, those could be good low-code topics for you as well!