harrietthespy in  
Security Software Engineer 2 years ago

Fast-track job offers via Slack?

Apparently, a bunch of people are getting job offers by being active on Slack. I'm in a few local public channels but they are dead. Anyone have tips on finding these active workspaces?

WSJ article

Forget LinkedIn—Your Next Job Offer Could Come via Slack

Forget LinkedIn—Your Next Job Offer Could Come via Slack

Popular at work, the instant-messaging application has also become a speedy, more informal way for professionals and employers to find each other.

gldja8a2nccwUX Designer 2 years ago
I've found Slack helpful. I'm in a few myself. A couple coworking spaces have them and the companies share jobs and ask questions, etc. Easy way to build credibility as a thought leader and have connections to leverage on a rainy day. I also found out about some by attending conferences. All Things Open was a huge networking opportunity. tbf, it's a lot for me to be social in-person so Slack in particular helps keep those relationships active with low pressure lol.