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Suggestions for a Quitted PhD Student

Hello Everyone! I am a third-year CS Ph.D. student. Due to personal reasons, I decided to quit my program and will graduate with my Master's in December. Now I am preparing for the fall hiring season and 2023 positions. I have some questions and any suggestions are highly appreciated.

  1. I have been a research assistant in my school for the last 3 years. I am wondering if those research experiences can be counted as work experiences. Should I only apply for the 2023 NG roles? Can I try some roles with experience requirements?
  2. My resume has two pages. I keep education and experience on the first page. As for the second page, I keep my awards, coursework, publication, skills, and leadership experience. Should I keep one page instead?
  3. I only need to take one class this fall, I am looking for some part-time internships and on-campus opportunities for my graduating semester. I hope this will add to my resume. But I'm also worried if I should make sure I will have a small workload in the fall so that I can have enough energy to interview properly. Any suggestions?
  4. I plan to do full-time Leetcode preparation in June and July and start to apply for jobs in late July. Does this timeline make sense? Should I consider the current hiring freezes and adjust my timeline?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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Definitely counts as work experience. Biggest questions you might get are related to why you're quitting the program. Do you like academia or prefer industry experience? I've seen more and more programs pushing phds to industry so leverage the experience you have to make an impact. Dont sell yourself short buddy!



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