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Need career advice..

Hi everyone,

I am a Frontend developer with 10years of experience and I have not worked on any other tech so far like backend or cloud.

Now I am planning to start with cloud(AWS preferably) then slowly learn Docker, Kubernetes, CICD and some more stuff which will help my role

PS: I am not looking to shift into cloud totally rather trying to learn something more that adds value to my resume.

Need Advice on: How to get started with AWS, most of the suggestions are to start with the AWS Cloud practitioner certificate.

What are your thoughts on this? and if thats fine, what should be my next steps!

Sorry for long post :P

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First of all, not a long post at all so don’t worry about that.

As far as the certifications go, it’s fine to start with practitioner especially if your idea is just to get familiarity with the technology and how it might work in a business context. I tend to think of the exams as more of a way to check in for myself rather than demonstrate knowledge for the sake of getting a job, which projects would be better for.

On that note, I’d say do a project or two just to get an idea how the services are actually built and how they interact with each other. It’s really quite fun and you can do some pretty awesome things with AWS free tier.

Next steps depends on how you learn best. I watched videos on YouTube and then built projects. You may prefer a book or a paid course to help you learn. I honestly found the hardest part to be figuring out what each services name is and how it connects to its use. Everything else comes naturally especially if you have some background knowledge in system design/backend work.



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