moldypotato in  
Accountant a year ago

Feeling stuck in accounting

I'm a Revenue Accountant with a strong background in AR. I graduated in 2019 and have about 3 years of experience working in private accounting; unfortunately I was laid off November 1st.  I have never felt so free and equally lost as hell in my life. 

I like accounting and I'm good at it, but after 3 years I think it is so mundane that I cannot imagine myself doing this until retirement. I used to look forward to how predictable my day/week/month was because I could build my social life around work. Now I feel bored - for lack of a better word.

I never thought of work as anything more than a paycheck because that's what I witnessed growing up. It was a means to an end. Now as an adult, I see most of my friends in different industries genuinely like their work, and they look forward to it especially after taking a long vacation. I'm happy for them and deeply jealous. 

I want to have that same passion and ambition towards my career as well. I want to be better at the work I do because I'm honestly interested in it, not just because I'll get paid more. 

I would like my job to have more project based work rather than cyclical month-quarter-year end responsibilities. Looking back, I was the happiest and most motivated when working on ad-hoc projects. I've looked into business analytics, data science and UX design.

Pivoting to business analyst would be the most realistic for me. I am learning SQL to build my skills but I feel very lost on where to go from here. Should I market myself as a mid level revenue accountant with an interest in shifting to analytics or simply as an entry level business analyst?

• quarter life crisis
• feel stuck in accounting because its boring (surprise!)
• want to do more project based work and/or create something new NOT close books every month
• anyone else feel like this? is this burnout? :(

goldfreizaAnalyst a year ago
Ahhh, the quarter life. Consider this a checkpoint in life buddy. Happens to everyone lol. Keep your head up. I would look at pivoting into analyst roles in the finance industry since that's likely where your accounting background will make the most sense. But frankly, you can do anything you set you mind to.
eshinnFull-Stack Software Engineer a year ago
Literally anything. I knew a guy that seemed to know a lot about … well a LOT. Turns out he’d been a carpenter, gardener, HR, PM, CEO, Analyst, and he’s not the only one I’d met like that. I’ve seen paramedics, police, farmers (legit Ole McDonald) switch into dev and design work.